WG 202ASMS AirSpeed Multi Stream



Suggested length: 1 day


This one day training is designed for both end users and administrators in the use of AirSpeed Multi Stream in the newsroom. Users will learn the basics of navigating through the system menus, capturing video, transferring sequences from an editing application and preparing assets for broadcast.   Administrators will learn how to set up the AirSpeed Multi Stream, understand the various configurations available and be able to perform general maintenance/troubleshooting procedures. You will also learn where the AirSpeed Multi Stream fits in a shared workspace environment and how to connect multiple AirSpeed Multi Stream servers into a group to form a studio for playout.



This course is designed for directors, master control operators and engineering staff involved in managing and administering playout servers.




  • Integrating AirSpeed Multi Stream into the Broadcast Workflow
  • Capturing Video
  • Using Templates
  • Using and Integrating IsoSync®
  • Using the Remote Console
  • Creating and working with playlists
  • Edit while capture
  • Sending Media to AirSpeed Multi Stream
  • Configuring AirSpeed Multi Stream
  • Team configuation
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting AirSpeed Multi Stream