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Through the Avid Marketplace, Alliance partners can easily promote and sell their solutions, with all onboarding, licensing and e-commerce managed by a powerful new system. Seller registration takes minutes and the product submission process is simple and backed by responsive support. Products sold on the Marketplace all benefit from Alliance Partner Certification, from testing of AAX and AVX plugins to the validation of enterprise-level solutions from our Strategic Alliance Partners.


  • Create an Avid Seller account by logging into the Marketplace Seller Login/Registration page with your Avid Master Account. If you don’t already have a Master Account, you can create one on that page. We recommend creating a new Master Account strictly for onboarding products using a dedicated email address to your company sales division or one set up specifically for Avid Marketplace interactions.
  • Enter all of the required account details, read and agree to the Marketplace terms and conditions (this will also be emailed to you once you have an account), and submit your information. We will then review your submission.
  • Once we have approved your Seller account, you will receive an email confirmation. You can begin adding your plugins to the Marketplace by logging in to the Marketplace Seller portal.
  • To submit products for approval and be onboarded to the Marketplace, the products must be created by a developer who has been ACCD certified for that Connectivity Toolkit and corresponding SDK or API. Read more on certification to find out how to become a certified developer.
  • Once you have submitted a product, Avid will review the submission and send email confirmation when it’s approved. You can choose to automatically publish the product to the Marketplace upon approval or manually publish.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions about creating an account or adding products
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