Avid DNxHR and DNxHD Codec Licensees

Many top companies across the media industry spectrum, from product manufacturers (cameras, transcoders, archive middleware, and more) to media and entertainment conglomerates and studios, have partnered with us to become Avid DNxHR/DNxHD licensees. These industry-leading companies, listed below, have recognized the widespread adoption of Avid DNxHD and the emergence of Avid DNxHR, realizing the relevance and impact that these advanced technologies can have on their own businesses.

AJALogo150x100 amberfinlogo_150x100   Archimedia_logo_150x100
 150x100arrilogo 150x100_ateme_logo   150x100_assimilate_logo
 ATOMOS_Logo_150x100 150x100_Autodesk_logo   150x100_bluefish444_logo
 150x100_bmd_logo  150x100_cinedeck_logo  150x100_codex_logo
 150x100_colourfront_logo  150x100_cinegy_logo  150x100_dayang_logo
 150x100_dayang_logo  150x100_digitalrapids_logo  150x100_do_logo
 150x100_drastic_logo  150x100_dvs_logo  150x100_DigitalVision_logo
 Eterelogo_white  150x100_EVS_logo  150x100_filmlight_logo
 Glookast_logo_150x100  150x100_harris_logo  150x100_harmonic_logo
 cwicon_150x100_Interralogo  150x100_jvc_logo  150x100_ikegami_logo
 150x100_masstech_logo  150x100_mog_logo  150x100_marquis_logo
 150x100_merging_logo  150x100_metaglue_logo  150x100_mtifilm_logo
 Matrox_DVS_logo_150x100  150x100_Metus_logo  cwicon_150x100_mog
 150x100_newauto_logo  150x100_nlt_logo  150x100_optibase_logo
 150x100_pharos_logo  150x100_quadrus_logo  150x100_qube_logo
 150x100_SeaChangelogo  stryme_logo_150x100  skymicro_logo_150x100
 snell_logo_150x100  sobey_logo_150x100 sony_logo_blue_RGB
   tedial_logo_150x100 vizrt_logo_105x100 
 veneral_logo_150x100  Wohler_Logo_150x46  

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