Developer Certification


The new Avid Certified Developer program is designed to validate developer expertise and ensure that the products and solutions you create adhere to Connectivity Toolkit standards. With our streamlined onboarding process for media production developers, we’re making it faster and easier for you to make plugins and other products available in the Avid Marketplace.


To become ACD certified, developers need to demonstrate proficiency in toolkits by taking the respective exam and passing. Developers can browse and download SDKs and APIs to determine which areas they are most interested in developing their applications. Some toolkits offer the option to register and take an exam, which can be found within the Avid Education pages.

Product Certification

Avid designs and offers certification programs to accompany Avid Marketplace onboarding or as part of Solution Certification Programs that validate the compatibility of your developed product with the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Those who pass ACD assessments may use this designation to market their relevant expertise, and certain products, such as plugins, offered by his or her organization will become eligible for certification, promotion and resale on Avid Marketplace. Get acquainted with Avid Marketplace and learn about registering your organization and submitting products. Solutions Certifications allow customers to purchase and use your connected products with confidence, knowing that they are supported by Avid testing, close customer support communication, and joint service level agreements. Solutions Certification is by invitation, and typically as part of the Alliance Partner Program. Send your questions about Developer Certification to

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