All-Star Drum Sessions Bundle


Unprecedented access to five of the greatest studio drummers in the world

With over 56 GB of multitrack sessions from drumming legends—Omar Hakim (Sting, Daft Punk), Simon Phillips (The Who, Toto), Matt Chamberlain (The Wallflowers, Fiona Apple), Nate Smith (Michael Jackson, Chris Potter) and Joey Waronker (Beck, R.E.M., Atoms for Peace), this bundle contains dozens of pre-configured Pro Tools Session, allowing you to simply drag and drop grooves to create your own arrangements in seconds. Recorded in pristine detail, the separate audio tracks allow you to mix every element of each drummer's kit, including—kick, snare, toms, overheads and a variety of room mics. The bundle also includes loops in REX2, AIFF, WAV, Stylus RMX and MIDI formats, allowing you to utilize the beats in any DAW or loop plugin.


  • Omar Hakim Drums Vol 1 Specs:
    • 235 grooves, fills and breaks
    • 8 Pro Tools sessions
    • 28 samples
  • Omar Hakim Drums Vol 2 Specs:
    • 232 grooves, fills and breaks
    • 8 Pro Tools sessions
    • 28 samples
  • Matt Chamberlain Vol 1 Drums Specs:
    • 387 grooves, fills and breaks
    • 9 Pro Tools sessions
    • 73 samples (three drum kits)
  • Matt Chamberlain Vol 2 Drums Specs:
    • 10 Pro Tools sessions
    • 94 samples (five drum kits)
  • Simon Phillips Drums Specs:
    • 402 grooves, fills and breaks
    • 34 Pro Tools sessions
    • 112 samples
  • Joey Waronker Drums Specs:
    • 347 grooves, fills and breaks
    • 8 Pro Tools sessions
    • 2 sampled kits (sticks and brushes)
  • Nate Smith Vol 1 Drums Specs:
    • 276 grooves, fills and breaks
    • 7 Pro Tools sessions
    • 32 samples
  • Nate Smith Vol 1 Drums Specs:
    • 237 grooves, fills and breaks
    • 7 Pro Tools sessions
    • 32 samples

System requirements

Windows Windows 7 and later
Mac Mac OS 10.7.x and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 10.x and later
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