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Introducing Avid Ada

Avid Ada harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and brings it to the media industry, so users and businesses can boost their creativity and delight audiences. Avid Ada accelerates innovation, automates the mundane, drives efficiencies, and sparks imagination, acting as a co-pilot to the creative team.
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      Leverages the incredible potential of AI to support the creative community. Delivers real benefits to users of Avid tools to help them produce outstanding work in their field. Avid Ada processes, analyzes, and learns from vast data to make predictions and decisions.

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      Combines the best of AI and machine learning (ML) with the power of the human creative mind. Suggests chords, completes songs, supports AI video editing, generates interview transcripts, creates translations, and provides a chat bot to help solve audio problems.

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      The creator is always in control. The human-in-the-loop remains the most important person in the chain. Avid Ada is there to assist. To suggest. To advise. Across Avid products and solutions.

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      Avid follows the principles of responsible AI in our development of Avid Ada’s capabilities to ensure the technology is used ethically and in support of the industry.

    Customer reaction

      • Hejar Berenji

        “Avid has a lot of opportunity to integrate AI to enrich its technology and services and take it to a different level. It will help the journalists in terms of organizing and finding content, managing archives, and using text.”

      • Laura Ellis

        “Wherever we’re using AI it should be to help and enhance and give us superpowers.”

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      Simplifying bringing creative ideas to life.
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