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At Avid, we have always immersed ourselves in emerging technologies so that we can provide our customers with the most current, most efficient solutions possible. To help us understand how best to utilize new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), we established an in-house research lab dedicated to bringing innovation forward at an accelerated pace.

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The First Tech Visionary

Avid Ada is the foundation on which all of Avid’s AI/ML solutions are builta common underpinning of the technologies which drive these capabilities through the Avid product portfolio. Avid Ada is inspired by the work of Ada Lovelace, a 19th-century pioneer in computing and AI who was largely overlooked for many years. Read about her and how she inspired many women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Discovering New Opportunities

Avid’s Research and Advanced Development Lab (Avid RADLab) is where engineers have established a framework of research and experimentation on which to build AI-enhanced capabilities across a range of our video, audio, and asset management solutions. This innovation brings potential benefits both for Avid and for our customers. Now a tidal wave of possibilities is open and continues to be explored through in-person and virtual events.
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Avid RADLab Fast Facts

  • Established

    Avid was one of the first media and entertainment technology companies to leverage AI in our solutions more than 10 years ago.
  • Innovative

    Avid RADLab was set up in 2021 to further explore the use of new technologies, including AI, in media production.
  • Visionary

    RADLab follows a foundational approach where topics are selected and prioritized based on practicality, innovation, and technical feasibility. If research proves a technology’s viability and aligns with business needs, RADLab develops a prototype.
  • Trailblazing

    Innovating ways to leverage AI in video editing, media ingest, analytics, automated metadata enhancement, music production and composition, and archives.
  • Diverse

    The RAD team includes Avid technology and business leaders, graduate student interns studying computer science and machine learning, and specialized development partners from many countries, bringing diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives to creativity in exploration.
  • Leading

    Results of three AI-related research efforts have been published in the April 2023 issue of the Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers’ SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal.

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Open and Collaborative 

Avid is a leader in the media technology industry’s exploration of AI/ML use. We share our work to help drive the industry forward. Avid research, development, and leadership teams deliver technical papers and presentations to illustrate our areas of investigation and implementations of Avid Ada technologies.

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AI a Key Focus at HPA

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What Does Good AI Look Like?

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Leading the Industry

Avid teams work with leading broadcasters to assess industry needs and explore how to turn AI advances into practical solutions to deliver creative and business benefits. We share knowledge and play a part in the wider debate around the use of AI/ML, ethics around the use of generative AI in news, and how automating mundane tasks may impact the traditional availability of entry level roles into the industry which give people new to post production great experience and a deeper understanding of the workflows.

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AI in Media: What does good look like?

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What is Avid doing about AI?

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Explore Avid ADA

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Avid Ada: Overview

Fostering creativity through the power of AI.
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Avid Ada: Solutions

Simplifying bringing creative ideas to life.
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