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Avid is meeting industry needs through AI. We were one of the first companies to incorporate forms of artificial intelligence (AI) into our solutions more than a decade ago. Our AI video editing features are huge timesavers offering dialog search and sync along with multilingual speech-to-text transcription. The AI in MediaCentral | Asset Management can automatically enrich metadata with capabilities such as facial recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), sentiment analysis, speech to text transcription, and more.

Media Composer – ScriptSync AI

Media Composer is already Avid Ada-enabled. ScriptSync AI automatically synchronizes text scripts with corresponding video footage to quickly locate specific dialogue or scenes within a media timeline.
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Media Composer – PhraseFind AI

Editors praise how PhraseFind AI saves time, increases efficiency, analyzes media file audio tracks, and generates metadata to enable a quick and precise search based on spoken words or phrases.
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MediaCentral – AI-Powered Analytics

The inclusion of cloud-based cognitive services such as facial detection, automated transcription, and more are available within MediaCentral | Asset Management. These AI features are a vital part of our products and continue to undergo research and development. Recent innovation include Amazon Rekognition from AWS, in addition to Microsoft’s Azure Analytics.
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Sibelius Chord Completion

AI-powered, data-driven workflows are in use today in Sibelius, Avid’s scoring and notation software for music creators. Sibelius can enter chord symbols based on your music score. It’s like having an interactive session with a harmony professor at your fingertips.
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    The Art of the Possible

    What is the underlying philosophy behind Avid Ada? What are the benefits and pitfalls of using AI and ML in the creative process?
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    Foster Your Creativity

    Avid’s work in news enhances content discoverability, enriches metadata so journalists can work faster.
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    Making the Media Podcast

    Listen to Avid's podcast on the dynamic forces shaping media, news, and entertainment.
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Avid Ada: Overview

Fostering creativity through the power of AI.
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Avid Ada: Foundation

Charting the course for AI in media and entertainment.
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