Looking for the best and most affordable way to streamline your media production? Our entry-level Interplay | Production Starter Bundle provides the industry’s most used editing software, shared storage, remote access, and a robust media management ecosystem for smaller production teams. You get a complete set of tools and services to collaborate creatively, accelerate turnaround times, and lay the foundation for future growth.

Much more than a collection of components, this Starter Bundle comes complete with integrated tools and powerful asset management—plus the guidance of Avid Professional Services, who will analyze your current workflow and get you set up to ensure a fast and successful start—all at a single price you can afford.

What’s included
What you need
  • Computer to run the Interplay Engine (Dell R630)
  • Mac or Windows-based computer/laptop for Media Composer
  • Computer for MediaCentral | UX playback services (HP DL360 G9)
  • 10GigE Ethernet switch
  • Cables and miscellany

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