Capture your audience’s attention and build brand equity

With so many channels competing for viewers across network and cable TV, finding ways to get your audience’s attention and keep them tuned in is a major challenge. With Maestro | Branding (formerly 3DPlay), you can design and deliver captivating real-time branding graphics that inform and entertain viewers—from “coming up next” promos to multiple tickers and squeeze backs.

And now it’s even easier to elevate your brand with three cost-effective Maestro | Branding bundles to fit your needs and budget. Get a complete end-to-end channel branding solution—from scheduling to on-air playout—whether you just need the basics or a fully automated, fail-safe system.

These bundles include some or all of the following components:

  • Maestro | Branding—Control software for creating actions to trigger graphics
  • Maestro | Designer (fomerly 4Designer)—2D/3D graphics authoring application
  • HDVG—Real-time graphics rendering platform (HD/SD)
  • Clip Player—Provides clip playback combined with graphics
  • DVD 40 Internal—Delays the incoming feed for squeeze backs (built into HDVG)
  • Text Effects plug-in—For animating text characters in Maestro | Designer
  • Automation system driver—Enables integration with all major automation systems
  • Mechanical and software (watchdog) bypass—Switches to an alternative feed in case of power or application failure
  • Maestro | Branding Browser—Module for accessing Maestro | Branding actions and content from within your traffic application
Compare bundles Maestro | Branding Basic Maestro | Branding Premium Maestro | Branding Elite
Maestro | Branding
+ +
Maestro | Designer
+ +
Graphics rendering platform
1 HDVG2 (including Control PC)
1 HDVG+ 1 HDVG2 (including Control PC) and 1 HDVG+
Clip Player +
+ +
DVD 40 +
Text Effects plug-in +
Automation system driver +
Mechanical and software (watchdog) bypass +
Maestro | Branding Browser +

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