Snowboarding sports motion graphics template with Maestro Live

Get everything you need to maximize live sports production and coverage

From pre-game festivities and lineups, to presenting the full play-by-play action and post-game wrap-ups, the fast pace and demands of covering live sports poses many challenges. Maestro | Live streamlines the entire production workflow, enabling a single operator to present relevant and timely data-driven 3D graphics, sports enhancements, and video to keep fans informed and in the game.

And now it’s even easier and more cost-effective to integrate Maestro | Live into your workflow with a variety of sports bundles for your production needs. Choose a bundle to cover any type of live sport from your broadcast studio or at the game/venue itself.

Compare Bundles Basic HD UHD Sports Venues (4 outputs) Sports Venues Advanced (8 outputs)
Rendering platform Maestro | Engine Maestro | Engine 4K FastServe | Playout Maestro | Engine 4K
Maestro | Live controller 1 1 1 1
Clip player 1 1 n/a 1
Maestro | Designer 1 1 n/a 1
Text effects plugin 1 1 n/a 1
Tracking engine 1 (optional) 1 (optional) n/a n/a

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