News anchor using Maestro News graphics in studio

Special, limited-time offer for Maestro | News

From newscasts to sports programming, the graphic needs of today’s broadcasters are complex. Maestro | News offers a complete on-air graphics suite that enables you to easily create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, real-time 3D graphics and video. The latest version offers deep integration with MediaCentral, giving graphic designers, journalists, editors, operators, and other news production contributors a unified platform from which you can find, edit, and access the content you need—any time, from anywhere—to tell a better story. Thanks to its modular architecture, you can also customize Maestro | News for a wide variety of environments and integrate it seamlessly with both Avid and third-party news and editing applications.

For a limited time, we are offering basic Maestro | News solution at a super competitive price.

This limited-time, special offer includes:

Maestro | News:
  • Maestro | News
  • Maestro | Designer
  • Maestro | News Page Editor
  • HDVG monitoring
  • Clip Player
  • Text effect plugin
  • HDVG+ (SKU 9935-72452-01)
  • 1 year ExpertPlus hardware support

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