High resolution studio video walls powered with Maestro PowerWall

Control and manage high-res video wall content

More broadcasters are installing multiple ultra-high-definition displays in their studios to elevate the look and feel of their production. But because these screens can vary widely in size and aspect ratio, displaying content correctly can be challenging. Maestro | PowerWall makes it easy to control and manage content across multiple high-res, non-standard displays simultaneously—from a single touch interface.

And now it’s even easier to bring Maestro | PowerWall to your studio with three bundles:

Maestro | PowerWall 4 Outputs Bundle Maestro | PowerWall 12 Outputs Bundle Maestro | PowerWall Pro 12 Outputs Bundle
HD Outputs*
4 (3x PGM + 1x PVW)
12 (10x PGM + 2x PVW)
12 (10x PGM + 2x PVW)
HD Inputs*
8 (4x PGM, 4x PVW)
16 (8x PGM, 8x PVW)
16 (8x PGM, 8x PVW)
Clip Player Included
Switcher Integration Included
Licensed Clients 2
Maestro | Designer  Optional  Optional Included 
Built-in graphic templates  Included  Included Included 
Advanced logic engine   Optional Optional  Included 
HDVG Chassis  3U 4U

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