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Many Mac editors use Apple Final Cut Pro X*. But to stay competitive in today’s media industry, you have to be able to collaborate with different people and tools. But how is that possible when only one user can access a Apple Final Cut Pro Library at any one time? Avid NEXIS | PRO changes all that, and that’s why Apple Final Cut Pro users are turning to Avid intelligent storage to give them the real-time collaboration, fuss-free file sharing, and competitive edge they need to succeed. You’ll never have a better opportunity to get your hands on insane bandwidth speed—up to 2.4 GB/sec—at such an unprecedented price.

Team up Apple Final Cut Pro with Avid NEXIS | PRO, and you can…

  • Have more than one user access a Apple Final Cut Pro Library folder at any one time
  • Seamlessly play back multiple streams of Ultra HD and 4K
  • Unite and empower your creative team to complete projects faster together
  • Accelerate your entire Apple Final Cut Pro workflow with unrivaled media performance
  • Share Library and assets with up to 24 editors—no matter what tools you use
  • Find footage fast with virtualizable storage and radically simple media management
  • Scale capacity, bandwidth, and workspaces to adapt to ever-changing needs
  • Protect your media—and reputation—with industry-proven security and reliability
[Avid]…a whole different level of value.

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*Avid NEXIS | PRO intelligent storage enables Apple® Final Cut Pro® to work better and faster in a collaborative environment.  

Apple and Final Cut Pro are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.