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An ACSR: Elite has achieved the pinnacle of Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR) status by demonstrating the depth of their technical skills and capabilities to the very highest level across an associated range of Avid products and solutions within the ACSR program. The ACSR: Elite Video certification credential is awarded once an individual successfully passes and holds all four ACSR Certification titles illustrated in the certification path below.

ACSR: Elite Video candidates can begin their development path by earning any one of the four certifications, such as achieving ACSR: Media Composer certification. Afterwards, they can advance to the other three certifications in any order —ACSR: Avid NEXIS, ACSR: MediaCentral | Production Management, and ACSR: MediaCentral | Cloud UX—to complete the path.


ACSR: Elite certification status provides:

  • The highest level of Industry recognition of proven expertise possible as a technical professional who understands how to install, configure, and support multiple Avid products and systems
  • Access to the ACSR technical community for peer to peer communication
  • Recognition by peers and employers of your superior Avid technical skills and capabilities
  • A specific ACSR: Elite Video certification logo to add to marketing materials, websites, business cards to differentiate yourself and your organization
  • Entry in Avid's Certification Registry as an ACSR: Elite Audio accessible via the Find a Certified Professional online listing, as well as a Certificate of Achievement


Do I need to sit a specific Certification exam to be ACSR: Elite Audio?
No. You need to pass and hold current Certifications in the four separate ACSR Certification exams: ACSR: Media Composer, ACSR: Avid NEXIS, ACSR: MediaCentral | Production Management and ACSR: MediaCentral | Cloud UX .

Do I need to attend training to become an ACSR: Elite?
ACSR: Elite certification is achieved by passing the relevant Avid Certification exams, not by attending training courses. Avid’s blended training options eLearning, Virtual Class, Private Class provide an optimal way to develop in-demand skills and capabilities—providing individuals with real value and business benefits in the work environment.

How do I maintain my ACSR: Elite certification?
In order to maintain your ACSR: Elite certification status, you must comply with all current ACSR recertification requirements and hold valid ACSR certification status for each component within the ACSR: Elite Audio program. Please contact your local Avid Learning team for the latest details.

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