IN100EL iNEWS User Basics (eLearning)


This is a 2 hour interactive online and video based content* course.


The iNEWS User Basics eLearning (IN100EL) course provides a quick way to get up to speed with basic newsroom operations and to get the most out of the Avid iNEWS system. Students learn the basic skills they need to log-in, navigate, and browse the system for assignments, news wires, e-mail, and messaging specific to iNEWS. Students also learn to create, compose and edit stories, and learn how to embed machine control commands within them. 

This course is divided into 6 short modules that are between 5 and 15 minutes long and guide students step-by-step through the system features and workflows. Where possible, students have the opportunity to interact with the interface by software simulation. After each lesson students are invited to take the next step and try what they’ve learned on their own iNEWS system.

This course is just the beginning of the learning process and should be followed up with training on the station’s specific workflows.

Anyone wishing to take the Avid Certified User for iNEWS certification exam should prepare by taking the full IN101 An Introduction to iNEWS classroom course, which delves deeper into each of the topics covered in this eLearning course and also includes production tasks that are not part of this basic course.


This course is suitable for all staff who will be using the iNEWS system; in particular, those reporters and producers and support staff who are tasked with writing stories and planning news coverage. Production staff involved in making and manipulating rundowns and on-air programs may do this basic course as a preliminary step before more advanced training on production techniques, including show timing and on-air show management, which is covered in the IN101 An Introduction to iNEWS classroom course.


Students taking this course should already have a basic understanding of newsroom operations and terms.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use basic functionality of iNEWS to manage stories, search wires, as well as look at daily assignment sheets and show rundowns
  • Use scripting functionality to set up the workspace, use script templates and write scripts both manually and with macros, understand and enter production queues and machine control instructions

* Online content is available for 90 days from the date access is granted.


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