MAM200 MAM Super User Training


Suggested length: 3 days


The Interplay | MAM Super User (MAM200) course is intended to give attendees a general and broad overview of all the core options available in an Interplay | MAM system from the user side.

The course focuses on the use of Interplay | MAM’s native and web based clients search and retrieval, previewing and browsing files, the basic import options and manual creation and annotation of new assets through to technical workflows from the GUI and editing authorized vocabularies.

Delivered exclusively onsite, the course can be tailored to reflect the customer implementation of Interplay | MAM.


This course is designed for:

  • MAM Super Users
  • System Administrators and Designers
  • Instructors
  • First level technical support staff


  • Working knowledge of handling the Windows GUI, administration and managing Windows services
  • Basic knowledge of web browser operation and search engines
  • Understanding of the production environment in which the MAM is to be deployed


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the use of Interplay | MAM’s native and web based clients
  • Search and retrieve, preview and browse files
  • Carry out basic import options and manual creation of new assets
  • Annotate assets both on fixed attributes and strata
  • Create shot lists (EDLs) and a rough cut
  • Trigger technical workflows from the GUI
  • Edit authorized vocabularies (legal lists, thesauri, master data)


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