MAM215 MediaCentral | Asset Management System Administration


5 days


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The MediaCentral | Asset Management System Administration (MAM215) course is intended to give attendees a detailed overview of the core administrative and monitoring tools available in MediaCentral | Asset Management. It is also a prerequisite for those continuing onto the MAM470 Avid ACSR MediaCentral | Asset Management System Support course. It provides an overview of MediaCentral | Asset Management’s web-based user clients and focuses on the administration and configuration tools.


This course is designed for System Administrators.


  • Attendance of MAM101 or extensive equivalent experiences
  • Working knowledge of handling the Windows GUI
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP network technology
  • Basic knowledge of MS Windows Server administration tools (RDP, MMC, IIS)

Note: Attendees are required to bring their own notebook/laptop to the course and have administrative privileges on the notebooks/laptops, allowing them to change network adapter settings, host files and install additional software components.


At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the general structure, technology, and interactions within a MediaCentral | Asset Management system
  • Use the right terminology for MediaCentral | Asset Management subjects
  • Be able to check the MediaCentral | Asset Management systems current state to check if things are ok or need further investigation
  • Be able to perform basic maintenance operations (e.g. start/stop the service groups)
  • Be able to investigate errors shown in MediaCentral | UX, i.e. check the corresponding backbone processes using the administrative tools
  • Be able to investigate log files
  • Be able to gather the information required by Avid Customer Care to do error investigation
  • Be able to check and modify the system's configuration including the configuration of processes and workflows
  • Know the structure of MediaCentral | Asset Management's data model
  • Be able to extend and adapt the data model to your needs
  • Be able to create new users and assign required permissions
  • Understand the link between user management for MediaCentral | UX and MediaCentral | Asset Management
  • Work with the Production Kit and Production Archive Kit (MPI)
    • List the pre-requisites needed to be able to archive a sequence to MediaCentral | Asset Management
    • Explain the dataflow and software architecture of MPI
    • Adapt the configuration of MPI
    • Perform the recommended maintenance procedures
    • Do some basic troubleshooting for MPI
  • Be able to create new export targets and import watch folders
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