MAM470 ACSR MediaCentral | Asset Management System Support


25 hours of Live Virtual Instructor-Led Training spread over 5 days


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The Avid ACSR MediaCentral | Asset Management System Support (MAM470) course is a practical hands-on course to teach students how to install, configure and troubleshoot a MediaCentral | Asset Management system, as well as selected additional kits including configuring MS SQL. Each student will install and configure their own MediaCentral | Asset Management system through our virtual labs.

In addition to the base installation, the course will include establishing connections to a transcoding system, a MediaCentral | Production Management system and an HSM system. Integrating with a pre-installed MediaCentral | Cloud platform and using MediaCentral | Cloud UX as a GUI for the MediaCentral | Asset Management system (incl. Media | Search) is also covered.

Students will also learn to extend their installed systems to a dual-server setup, learn how to move services between servers along with the associated concepts and scenarios. Basic disaster recovery of a multi-server MediaCentral | Asset Management system will also be discussed.

This course prepares candidates for the Avid Certified Support Representative: MediaCentral | Asset Management certification exam. 


This course is designed for

  • Project Engineers of Avid partners
  • Senior Administrators
  • ACSR MediaCentral | Asset Management candidates.



The following is requested:



At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Install the Media Central | Asset Management product (MAM Foundation).
  • Configure the Media Central | Asset Management system so that it connects to a pre-installed Vantage transcoding system.
  • Integrate the Asset Management with multiple storage tiers. 
  • Install certain Media Central | Asset Management kits additionally to the core parts.
  • Configure these add on modules:
    • Integrate Media Central | Asset Management with Media Central | Production
    • Set up a Digital Tape Archive Integration
    • Configure Media Central | Asset Management to enable full operation with Media Central | Cloud UX, include the usage of Media | Search.
  • Move service pools between different servers.
  • Perform a disaster recovery for a multi-server MediaCentral | Asset Management installation.
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