MN101 Maestro | News Basics


Suggested length: 24 hours


The Maestro | News Basics (MN101) course teaches students to manage, distribute, and play out high-resolution, real-time broadcast graphics and videos easily and efficiently. It covers the entire broadcast workflow, starting from the graphic creation process and finishing with the final graphic templates ready for air.

The first lesson covers the basics of Maestro | Designer which is used to design the look and feel of the graphics. The following lessons cover using the PageEditor to create data entry templates for graphics of any kind. Here you’ll learn about creating connections to external data sources and rules for conditional playout. Students will also learn how to build rundowns from the existing graphic templates for playback to air.

At the end of each day, the students will participate in a hands-on summary exercise designed to simulate real-life broadcast examples.


This course is intended for broadcast studio designers and operators who are tasked in preparing data entry templates (pages) for use during broadcast.


  • Working knowledge of the broadcast workflow
  • Basic user knowledge and some experience in Maestro | Designer
  • Basic understanding of Excel files, SQL DB

LeaRning objectives

After this course, students will be able to:

  • Create Maestro | News pages, which are used by broadcast operators during broadcast to control Maestro | Designer scenes
  • Set up graphic templates to efficiently control the animations and populate them with updated text, data, images, etc. obtained from different DB sources  

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