MN201EL Maestro | News Advanced (eLearning)


6 hours of online content*

*Online content is available for 90 days from the date access is granted.


The Maestro | News Advanced (MN201) eLearning course provides a series of recorded lessons that are designed to elevate the student’s level of mastery of Maestro | News within the context of their studio environment, enabling them to achieve more sophisticated yet easy-to-control content and logic for broadcast.

The course also provides self-paced hands-on exercises that cover advanced subjects such as scripting, writing macros, using external plugins, and interfacing with automation systems. Downloadable media and graphics templates are provided for students to complete these exercises.


The course is intended for experienced studio designers and operators who are interested in achieving more from Maestro | News and are comfortable with programming concepts in a studio environment.


  • Completion of the MN101 Maestro | News Basics course
  • Working knowledge of the broadcast workflow and studio environment, for example, the external system used in the studio such as Automation, NLE, NRCS, etc.
  • Comfortable with programming concepts and able to use script language
  • Solid understanding of Excel files, SQL DB


After this course, students will be able to:

  • Use the Maestro | News API to create Timeline and Page level scripts
  • Write correct and useful macros
  • Correctly use and set up Maestro | News to interface with the NRCS, iNEWS, and MOS server
  • Correctly use and set up the NLE plugin
  • Correctly use, configure, and control external devices
  • Tools

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