NX216 Avid NEXIS System Administration


eLearning (Avid Learning Central): 4 hours

Instructor-Led (Virtual): 5 hours

4 hours of self-paced pre-learning
1 hour of live online training
Instructor-Led (Private OnSite*): 8 hours

One 8-hour day of live classroom training


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The Avid NEXIS System Administration (NX216) classroom course provides an in depth understanding of how to administer and maintain an Avid NEXIS system.

The course covers a range of administration topics such as how to create and manage workspaces, check system status, troubleshoot issues, create and understand user accounts, connect to clients, mount/dismount workspaces, configure a multi-engine system, and deal with hardware failures.  The course also covers basic maintenance and troubleshooting of the Avid NEXIS | PRO, E2 and E4 hardware.

This course prepares candidates for the Avid Certified System Administrator: Avid NEXIS certification exam, as well as being the foundation of the program for candidates pursuing the certification path to become an Avid Certified Support Representative for Avid NEXIS

The NX216EL Avid NEXIS System Administration course provides a remote blending learning course alternative to this classroom course. 


This course is designed for:

  • System Administrators responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of an Avid NEXIS system
  • Maintenance personnel and Engineers
  • Facility or freelance technicians responsible for large Avid NEXIS/Interplay workgroup environments in a broadcast facility
  • ACSR candidates


Basic experience of Microsoft Windows systems and networking.

Learning objectives

  • Introduce the Avid NEXIS system and hardware
  • Basic networking 
  • Avid NEXIS installation 
  • Working with the management console 
  • Workspace management strategies 
  • Creating workspaces 
  • User management strategies 
  • Creating a new user 
  • Connecting clients 
  • Understanding the Client Manager 
  • Replacing failed hardware 
  • Checking system status 
  • Working with a multi-engine Avid NEXIS 
  • Common Avid NEXIS statuses
  • Configure Avid NEXIS components
  • Perform basic Avid NEXIS troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Have the foundation to be able to sit the certification exam

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