UN435VC ACSR Avid ISIS | 5500 System Support Recertification (Virtual Classroom)


Suggested length: Self-study and 4 hours Live Virtual Class


The ACSR Avid ISIS | 5500 System Support Recertification (Virtual Classroom) course is a blended course, using a combination of self-study and Live Virtual Class (LVC) designed to support individuals who intend to maintain their ACSR Avid ISIS | 5500 System Support certification status by sitting the recertification exam. The course will focus on the installation, administration, and architecture of Avid ISIS | 5500 shared storage systems, new features and functions in the current release.

This is a blended learning course, beginning with self-study, followed by a scheduled Live Virtual Class (LVC) providing the opportunity to ask questions of an instructor and interact with fellow course participants. Students should be prepared to spend significant time in self-study in preparation for the Live Virtual Class.


This course is designed for Avid Certified Support Representatives (ACSRs) in Avid ISIS | 5500 System Support who need to update their certification.


ACSR Avid ISIS | 5000 or 5500 System Support certification.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify and understand ISIS | 5500, 5000 and 1000 hardware components
  • Use Avid ISIS | 5500,5000 and 1000 hardware and software
  • Understand Avid ISIS configuration and performance
  • Describe Avid ISIS system architecture
  • Use the Avid ISIS Management Console
  • Create and manage Storage Groups
  • Create and manage Workspaces
  • Create and administer User accounts
  • Understand network fundamentals
  • Describe Avid ISIS Network topologies
  • Perform Avid ISIS system installation
  • Configure Dual System Director
  • Understand the use of external switches
  • Be able to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Have the foundation to be able to sit the recertification exam


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