VT101EL Video Theory (eLearning)


Online eLearning of 4 hours

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Video Theory (eLearning) (VT101EL) is a 4 hour online eLearning course designed to provide an introduction to the theory behind video encoding and digital video technology. 

Topics covered start with how the eye perceives light and color, through to the principles of video and colour television, video connectors and cables, display technology, digital video, HDTV and bringing the discussion up to date with compression, codecs and containers.


This course is designed for:

  • System Administrators
  • Maintenance personnel and Engineers
  • Media Professionals



Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the theory behind video encoding and digital video technology
  • Explain how the human eye perceives light and color
  • Outline the principles of video and color television
  • Provide an understanding of video connectors and cables
  • Color display technology, digital video and HDTV
  • Compression, codecs and containers
  • Provide an understanding of video theory as background before progressing onto high level courses


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