WG463EL ACSR Avid MediaCentral Platform Recertification (eLearning)


This is a blended course comprised of 7 hours of online content* and a 1-hour live instructor-led online webinar.

*Online video content is available for 90 days from the date access is granted.


Designed for existing MediaCentral ACSRs, the ACSR Avid MediaCentral Platform v2.10 Recertification (WG463EL) eLearning course is presented as a series of recorded classroom-type discussions and walk-throughs of actual installation, configuration and troubleshooting scenarios for single and clustered Linux server set up.

The online content is followed by a scheduled 1-hour live online webinar which goes deeper into the topics covered as well as providing general Q&A and recertification exam preparation.

Attendees must complete the online content prior to attending the webinar.

This course prepares existing MediaCentral ACSRs for the Avid Certified Support Representative: MediaCentral Platform v2.10 recertification exam.


This course is designed for administrators, front-line maintenance personnel, engineers and facility or freelance technicians who work in broadcast or post environments and have achieved ACSR Avid MediaCentral Platform certification status.


Avid Certified Support Representative: MediaCentral Platform certification

Learning Objectives

This course covers the following topics:

  • Deployment options
  • The MediaCentral Platform Services
  • Hardware requirements
  • RAID Caching
  • Linux Clustering
  • Deploying GlusterFS
  • Redundancy and Scaling
  • MediaCentral Playback Services (MCPS)
  • Virtualization
  • Single vs. Clustered servers
  • Installation checklist and software requirements
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) OS and RHEL commands
  • Post-Installation workflow testing
  • Troubleshooting MCP


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