AUGUST 22, 2017

Meet Ann Mincieli: Founder of Jungle City Studios

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The warm rich tones of a rare mixing console. The undeniable feel of vintage instruments. The power and flexibility of the latest digital recording technology. This is what you’ll find at Jungle City Studios in New York City—one of today’s most acclaimed recording venues. Founded in 2011 by GRAMMY Award-winning engineer Ann Mincieli (Alicia Keys, Drake), Jungle City Studios is on a mission to make NYC the preferred destination for recording once again.

Mincieli’s path to engineering and studio ownership began when she was just a tween. She started on piano and eventually moved onto guitar and bass, joining bands along the way. But it was her interest in album art and production credits that opened up an entire music community and sparked her vision. As Mincieli learned more about the producers and studios that made the records she loved possible, she started to explore behind the scenes roles.

Ann likes to say she built the studio to be a “seven-star hotel” for musicians, providing a level of service and creative freedom that echoes the legendary studios of New York. Building her dream studio has paid off. Since opening, the studio has burnished New York’s recording scene, hosting artists from Beyonce and Jay-Z to Depeche Mode and Taylor Swift.

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Jungle City Studios provides artists with an enormous collection of gear that Mincieli describes as “retro-futuristic.” Mincieli relies on Pro Tools workstations, Pro Tools | HDX, and Pro Tools Artist Series consoles to create the digital backbone of the multi-floor studio. With Avid, Mincieli’s engineers can work with the speed, flexibility and tools that top artists expect to seamlessly capture award winning performances.

People try to say that albums aren’t getting done in studios anymore. It’s not true. It’s the reverse of that. Artists do want to dive into the technology. Artists want to use every tool in the toolbox.


In this video, Mincieli shares her history in the music industry, and tells the story behind her decision to create one of New York’s most sought-after studios:

To see people come in here, record and mix here… these people are part of our community and family. That’s what we want to establish. That people want to come here to work here.


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