APRIL 5, 2021

Dominique Blanc-Francard Tries Pro Tools | Carbon

Dominique Blanc-Francard tries Pro Tools | Carbon

Producer and engineer Dominique Blanc-Francard of Labomatic Studios (Camille, Tryo, Raphael, Kimberose) demoed the Pro Tools | Carbon interface and shared his verdict with Avid partner 44.1.

See Carbon for Yourself

Pro Tools | Carbon: First Impressions

When Pro Tools | Carbon arrived, I wondered what the latest evolution was. It's super smart because it's a hybrid system where you can have both native and DSP at the same time and without having HDX cards. Therefore, it's a very, very useful product for people who have either a laptop, a machine without a card, or a regular Mac.

Complete Control Where You Need It

Pro Tools | Carbon is a 1U rack and it's easy to install. It's made to have in front of you when you're working.

We have all the controls on hand: the left setting which allows you to adjust the microphone input level or the line input level. There are buttons where you can see the 48V, the phase inversion, and adjust the impedance to adapt the microphone to all the microphones that you need to use. Then, if you want to change the sound of one mic or another just with that, that's clever. On the right, we have the monitoring setting, so we can adjust the volume as in a real studio, like here is the speaker volume.

Additionally, it has four headphone outputs with which you can create separate headphone mixes in Pro Tools, like in a studio.

Honestly, this is an excellent product and the quality of the mic preamps rocks.

Super Simple Setup

Installation is child's play. There are two cables: the power cable and an Ethernet cable that goes directly to the Mac. Then you just need to validate in the audio setup that the interface is coming from a network port and it recognizes it automatically.

Then we have an audio setup that's easy. We can determine if we want one or two monitoring outputs and if we want the headphones.

When you are used to working with any version of Pro Tools, in five minutes you feel at home.

Pro Tools | Carbon: The Key Advantage

It's the hybrid engine function. There is a lightning bolt button n every track in Pro Tools, enabling you to take the track on which you don't want to have any latency and switch it to DSP mode. Suddenly, there is no latency since the plugins are in DSP, but also the buses and sends, so we find ourselves in a zero-latency situation.

The Final Verdict

It's a really ultra-pro interface. But if you look at what's inside, there are eight mic preamps; four headphone outputs, which can also be additional speaker outputs; there is the equivalent of a half DSP card, which enables you to have all the DSP plugins on hand and no latency.

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