DECEMBER 17, 2018

Customer Stories - Full Sail University - Avid Media Campus


Full Sail University has been preparing students for successful multimedia and entertainment careers for nearly 40 years. Its unique curriculum combines creative, project-based work and real-world digital media experience with the technology students will work with in their professional careers. The University's labs and studios mirror the production and recording environments in the music, film, gaming, and television industries. "Our focus is emerging technology and entertainment," states Scott Dansby, Director of Industry Relations. "All of our classes and programs are designed to set students on the best path to achieve their professional goals and dreams."

Avid Media Campus will provide Full Sail with Avid's latest and greatest technology at a price point that works really well for us and our students. At the end of the day, we were able to get more advanced technology and can provide an even better software experience for our students with Pro Tools, Media Composer, and Sibelius.

Scott Dansby, Director of Industry Relations

The Full Sail campus in Winter Park, Florida features over 110 labs, recording studios and sound stages, over 60 classrooms, and boasts a world-class entertainment venue, aptly named Full Sail Live. For years, Full Sail University has partnered with Avid to provide the technology powering its media production facilities. "We put a lot of time, effort and capital into the campus, providing the latest technology for our students," states Dansby. "Avid's creative tools and platforms play an important part within our audio and video curriculum."

In addition to on-campus technology, Full Sail University provides each incoming student with a 'Launch Box'; it contains all the hardware and software they will need for their specific degree program. The audio Launch Box, for example, includes a mobile workstation, Avid Pro Tools software, an audio interface, microphone and headphones, everything a student needs for a degree program in audio post, music production, audio for gaming, and multimedia audio.

Each month students begin degree programs at Full Sail. The University has structured its programs so students can earn their undergraduate degree in 2.5 years and their graduate degree in 12 months. "Our graduates are entering the industry year-round, and they need to be ready to work with the latest, most current technologies," states Dansby.

Full Sail University entertainment venue

Upgrades for labs, classrooms and recording studios

"We were looking at some pretty significant upgrades to a number of audio and video labs in the coming years," notes Dansby. "We began talking with Avid, sharing our roadmap, and identifying systems that would need upgrades. As we shared our needs with Avid, Avid shared its roadmap with us."

As a result, Full Sail University is implementing the Avid Media Campus program, which ensures Full Sail maintains the most up-to-date technology for audio and video editing, music notation, shared storage, services, and the Avid Learning Partner curriculum. The University has already begun replacing older control systems in its recording suites with Avid S6, upgrading its ISIS shared storage to Avid NEXIS, and replacing an older console in the University's main venue with an Avid VENUE | S6L.

Full Sail University will use Avid NEXIS shared storage to support the University's Media Composer labs as part of a video production and editing workflow process. "Film students will be working and editing their projects in Avid Media Composer and Symphony. We'll have audio students working in Pro Tools, editing and mixing the sounds: dialog, sound effects, and music. And, we'll bring it all together in the dub stage. Our dubbing stage is equipped with eight Avid Pro Tools systems, as well as an Avid Media Composer system; students learn how both of those worlds merge together in one studio or one environment," explains Dansby.

Full Sail University resources also include the Mix Palace, which comprises 24 individual studios. The campus also has four large-format console professional recording studios. "We have large professional recording studios, all outfitted with Pro Tools. Our recording suites focus on both music and audio post. In those suites, we have switched the D control to the Pro Tools | S6. We've been able to expand the hands-on training on the latest equipment, and students can dive deeper into the functions and the inner workings of the Pro Tools | S6 console, positioning them for careers with the best in the industry," states Dansby.

"Full Sail University graduates can now say they've received training on a Pro Tools | S6L. It opens doors for them. That's really the main driving force behind why we wanted to do this. The goal is to ensure our graduates' success."

Preparing students for Avid certification

In addition, Avid will provide the coursework and instruction necessary for students to receive Avid Certification. "We have greater access to Avid's instructors to train our faculty; and, in turn, they prepare our students for certification."

Students benefit from software upgrades and support

As part of the Avid Media Campus program, Full Sail University is also providing students with a three-year subscription to the Avid software in their Launch Box, ensuring each student has the latest version of software throughout their time at Full Sail. "Now, our faculty can ensure all students in class are on the same version of software, which is extremely helpful from a curriculum and teaching standpoint," explains Dansby.

Full Sail University's Avid Media Campus program also includes comprehensive hardware and software support. "We have students in labs working on equipment and gear all hours of the day. And, we need to have it working properly," explains Dansby. "Having support from Avid is really critical. Plus, our students are now receiving software support for their Launch Box software directly from Avid, which, in the past, was handled by our staff and faculty."

"Avid has always been a great supporter of Full Sail University and plays an important part in our curriculum," concludes Dansby. "Avid Media Campus will provide Full Sail with Avid's latest and greatest technology at a price point that works really well for us and our students. At the end of the day, we were able to get more advanced technology and can provide an even better software experience for our students with Pro Tools, Media Composer, and Sibelius. That is a huge, huge win for our students."

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