Wales’ Biggest Post House Trusts Avid


From its humble beginnings as 'Mwnci'—a Welsh term for 'Monkey'—to its evolution into a super-facility spanning multiple sites in Cardiff and Bristol, post house Gorilla has consistently pushed post-production workflows boundaries beyond what's possible in the industry.

Central to Gorilla's success story is its steadfast partnership with Avid, a relationship that spans the entirety of its transformative journey. 

"We've been using Avid shared storage since Gorilla's inception 25 years ago, and it's been integral to the facility's workflows," says Rhodri James, Gorilla Director of Technology and Operations.


Leveraging Avid Solutions: Driving Efficiency and Precision

Avid's impact on Gorilla's operations is multifaceted. At the core of Gorilla's technological infrastructure lies Avid NEXIS shared storage—a robust, high-bandwidth solution that facilitates seamless collaboration and accelerates project delivery. James highlights the simplicity and efficiency brought by Avid's storage solutions.

“There’s no copying of files or push and pull workflows, you just log in and off you go,” James explains. “It’s really that simple.”

Gorilla’s headquarters in bustling Cardiff Bay, and the newly opened Bristol office, are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including 60 Avid suites furnished with Avid video editing tool Media Composer and two dubbing rooms equipped with audio production software Pro Tools. These creative Avid tools form the  backbone of Gorilla's editing and audio post-production capabilities, enabling Gorilla to navigate the complexities of modern post-production with unparalleled agility and precision. In recent software updates, Avid has added interoperability between the two tools, bringing workflows closer together and fostering more efficient collaboration between video and audio post teams. 

The integration of Avid Media Composer AI-powered tools like PhraseFind AI and ScriptSync AI has been another exciting addition to Gorilla’s workflows, empowering editors to unlock new levels of productivity and innovation. James elaborates on the transformative impact of these tools.

 "We’re always doing radical things with Avid’s solutions, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” James says.


Scaling for Success

Gorilla's recent transition to a subscription model for Avid products and services has provided the business with newfound flexibility, allowing it to adapt to changing industry dynamics while maintaining a competitive edge in the market. This shift reflects Gorilla's commitment to staying agile and responsive to industry trends and client needs.

As Gorilla continues to push post-production workflows beyond what’s been done before, Avid remains by its side, fueling innovation, driving efficiency, and amplifying creativity at every turn. 

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