DECEMBER 5, 2017

Maroon 5: Powered by Pro Tools & Cloud Collaboration


With three GRAMMY awards, more than 20 million albums sold and three billion streams, Maroon 5 relies on one DAW to power their sound: Pro Tools. Recently, Avid caught up with the band as they wrapped up their new album, Red Pill Blues, to talk about Pro Tools and embracing Cloud Collaboration.

In this three-video series, Jesse Carmichael, Noah Passovoy and Sam Farrar discuss the Pro Tools features they can’t live without, their approaches to collaborating in the cloud and the creation of a new instrumental.

The band used Pro Tools exclusively to make the new record and has been using the application since version 6. However, Noah Passovoy, Maroon 5’s long-time engineer and producer, has used it throughout his career. While teasing that he’s one step away from getting a Pro Tools tattoo, he’s rather serious about the impact the software and cloud have had on the way that he and the band work together.

Thanks to the changes in technology, wrangling busy schedules and spending 12-hour days in one studio are becoming a thing of the past. Through Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration, the band can stay connected and co-write new tracks from the road or their respective home studios—across several cities and states.

If they’re on the road and I’m here, and we’re working on a song and someone has an idea, they can send it to me instantly. Everyone doesn’t have to be in the same place at the same time in order to make a record anymore.

Noah Passovoy, Producer/Engineer, Maroon 5

Jesse Carmichael, who plays keyboards and guitar in the band, agrees. “Right now, this is just the tip of the iceberg with this software. As we move forward, our future albums could be heavily based around cloud sharing.”

Collaborating in the cloud

In this second video, see how Maroon 5 stays connected and co-writes new tracks from the road or their respective home studios.

Co-writing in the cloud

See how they harnessed the power of Pro Tools to create their new instrumental.

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