SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

Nona Khodai

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Nona Khodai, ACE is an Emmy nominated Picture Editor working in Los Angeles, CA. Her most recent credits include Marvel’s WandaVision, Ms. Marvel and the Amazon Prime series The Boys. Her past editing credits include Revolution, Colony, The Strain, and Amazing Stories. She is also a proud member of the American Cinema Editors.

Avid: What did you enjoy the most about working on Ms. Marvel?

Nona Khodai: I have to say the people behind the scenes were incredible on the show. The camaraderie and the dedication everyone had to making the best show possible was felt throughout every department.

Avid: Why did you choose to submit this episode for a nomination?

Nona Khodai: This is the pilot episode and in some ways it’s the hardest episode because if you can win over your audience with the first one, then the rest is much easier. This episode also had a lot of animation and the style of the show is really present in this particular episode.

Avid: How did you find out about the nomination and what was your reaction?

Nona Khodai: My friend Nena Erb texted me that I was nominated. I didn’t expect anything to be honest. I was watching a Wimbledon match and got a text.

Avid: What tools of Media Composer helped you craft this episode?

Nona Khodai: We used all of the tools of Media Composer. Don’t really know how to explain all the tools but pretty much everything for offline editing. We even cut on Media Composer on laptops on set.

Avid: How has knowing Media Composer helped your career?

Nona Khodai: All I use is Media Composer. I’m not sure what editing job I would have if I didn’t know Media Composer. It is the standard of editing software.

Avid: Would you recommend editing to someone interested in a career in TV?

Nona Khodai: Editing is the most stable of all the crafts due to the length of time we are working. We start when production starts and end when we lock picture or deliver. Not only that but Editorial is where you discover the story and how all the elements in production mesh together. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and it is the Editor’s job to figure that out with the producers and other creatives.

Nona Image 1

Nona on set with first assistant editor, Matthew Ellena, and Post PAs Jamir White and Dana Dellapi.

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Nona on set with VFX crew members Jessica Chamberlin and Laura Williams.

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