JANUARY 19, 2010

Avid Helps Pinewood Studios Stay On Top of UK Film Mixing


Pinewood Studios Group, Britain's most historic and preeminent film mixing facility, recently purchased two large format dual-operator System 5 film dubbing consoles as part of a complete revamp of their sound department. The Group will also be upgrading their two existing System 5 audio consoles in the Korda Theater and Theater 1 at Shepperton to include integrated DAW control.

Exceeding expectations

"Part of our mission statement at Pinewood is to exceed our customers' expectations through our commitment to professionalism, quality of service and by offering sustainable advantages over our competition. Our investment into new sound facilities at Pinewood is key to this goal and we feel that our partnership with Avid helps us to achieve it," explains Bruce Everett, Group Director of Post Production for The Pinewood Group. "After three years of successful mixing on our System 5s at Shepperton, we knew Avid would be integral to our renovation of the sound department at Pinewood."

Avid remains the console of choice

This latest move helps not only to re-establish Pinewood Studios Group as the UK's premier film post-production facility but also to strengthen Avid’s position as the console of choice for major feature film dubbing facilities. In the last six years dubbing teams mixing on System 5 consoles have been nominated for the Oscar in sound mixing six times and have won the coveted award four times.

A 24-foot 64-fader System 5 dual-operator console, complete with EuCon Hybrid integration for DAW control from the surface, will be installed in Pinewood Theatre 1, while a 16-foot 48-fader Avid System 5 dual-operator console will go into Pinewood Theatre 2, also with EuCon Hybrid. The two existing consoles installed in Shepperton's Korda Theatre and Theatre 1 will be upgraded with the EuCon Hybrid option and will run the latest version eMix software. The new EuCon Hybrid allows the System 5 to gain control of any DAW from the control surface.

These DAWs transparently communicate with the console via the innovative EuCon high-speed Ethernet control protocol allowing the operator to mix DSP and DAW tracks on the console surface at the same time. EuCon Hybrid is able to control all major DAWs including Pro Tools, Pyramix, Logic Pro and Nuendo.

Our investment into new sound facilities at Pinewood is key to this goal and we feel that our partnership with Avid helps us to achieve it.


Continuing a long and rich history

Located 20 miles from Soho, London, Pinewood Studios Group has a long and rich history. Established in the 1930's, the facility houses eight re-recording theatres on the Shepperton lot, with another three at Pinewood. Supported by a highly experienced and acclaimed mixing team, their sound post production facilities rank amongst the finest in the world.

The studios provide facilities for major national and international film production, filmed television, studio television recording, the filming of commercials and post production sound services. In the past year Pinewood Studios have worked on successful films such as The Bourne Ultimatum, Stardust and the soon to be released Sweeney Todd starring Johnny Depp. Recently produced films mixed in the Shepperton facility on consoles include Stormbreaker, Black Book, and Fade to Black.

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