AUGUST 16, 2023

Ramin Mortazavi

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Avid: What did you enjoy the most about working on Vanderpump Rules?

Ramin Mortazavi: Without a doubt, it’s the cast and crew. As far as the cast goes, they are phenomenal and highly entertaining and they put it all out in front of the cameras for the world to see. In regards to the crew, we are a family with some amazingly creative people that collaborate really well together to put forth the best possible show that we can.

Avid: Why did you choose to submit this episode for a nomination?

Ramin Mortazavi: I think the entire 10th season of the show was amazing, especially the second half. That momentum of the prior episodes led to this particular episode being selected for submission because it all came together. That was evident in the first 10 minutes as the entire season’s drama was compressed into the 3 minute recap narrated by Lala Kent. It was creative, it was stylistic, and very smart in the way it was done to simplify a complicated story.

Avid: How did you find out about the nomination and what was your reaction?

Ramin Mortazavi: I had a suspicion we were gonna get nominated just from all the buzz around the show and all the Emmy predictions that were floating out there. I was actually sitting in my car waiting to go get a root canal. I was watching the nominations live and shortly after the live broadcast, the complete list was posted on the Television Academy’s website. I was obviously ecstatic to receive our two Emmy nominations and the first thing I did was call my girlfriend with the news and text my son that his father was just nominated for an Emmy. Then all the texts and messages started rolling in, beginning with the first one from our Executive Producer Natalie Neurauter. It was truly a memorable moment.

Avid: What tools of Media Composer helped you craft this episode?

Ramin Mortazavi: Well, I have been using Media Composer for over 20 years and I absolutely love it. I just like the user friendly interface, specifically trim mode and audio scrubbing. We use a lot of songs in each episode and to be able to make the music edits quickly is vital and time efficient. Also, with some of the new upgrades such as the bin search feature and processing, there is much less time spent on searching for specific clips you’re looking for and rendering effects.

Avid: How has knowing Media Composer helped your career?

Ramin Mortazavi: Media Composer is the leading platform in the industry. The biggest projects use Media Composer and as a result of me being well versed with this software, I have been very fortunate to have worked on some amazing shows.

Avid: What advice would you give to a young editor hoping to break into the industry?

Ramin Mortazavi: My advice to young people interested in working in television as an Editor is to learn Media Composer and other softwares that are available to enhance your craft and your marketability. The more you know, the greater your options and the more attractive you become for production companies. As an Editor, you play a major role in any project, film or tv and scripted or unscripted. Also, your role in the project happens towards the end of the episode or filming. So after weeks or months of everything being prepared, written, directed, shot, composed, and all the hundreds of other things that go into it, you have the ability to look at everything, put it all together, and craft your story.

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