JUNE 3, 2021

Rent vs. Own: How Rental House QSR Systems Pivoted and Profited

Accessing Media Composer licenses from anywhere


Rend or buy QSR Systems
Since 1991, Los Angeles-based rental house QSR Systems has been providing post-production equipment rentals and services to the entertainment and broadcast industry. The company is the leading west coast provider of video editing and storage systems, certified work-from-home editorial solutions, on-set media management tools, and lab-based transcoding/archive/upload services. And its team can recommend and supply rental and service solutions that deliver on-time, on-budget results—whether the client needs one edit system or an enterprise-level collaborative workgroup solution.

To succeed in today's rapidly changing post-production industry, QSR needs to have flexibility to support its customers' changing needs. So, when the team began to see a trend in the industry toward work-from-home solutions, they decided to adopt changes to their model to better suit their customers.

That's why the company recently adopted a subscription-based licensing model for its service, enabling instant off-premises delivery of all the Media Composer licenses its clients need. At a moment's notice. All while avoiding the big upfront investment of purchasing perpetual licenses.

QSR Systems entered a 10-year software subscription agreement with Avid, enabling the company to dramatically expand its ability to rapidly supply creative tools to its film and broadcast clients. It also became the first rental house of its kind to move towards a subscription-based licensing model.

With this change, QSR has doubled its available pool of Media Composer licenses—available either on-premises or in the cloud. And it effectively transformed its capabilities to better support the creative community's rapidly evolving content creation workflow needs.

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