SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

Moving at the Speed of Thought with Avid NEXIS | PRO

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Just north of San Diego, in the seaside town of Carlsbad, Scratch Media has been producing award-winning video and live events for world-renown brands, nonprofits, and higher-education for over a decade. Like many creative agencies, to stay competitive, they need to deliver more and deliver it faster. To help meet demand, Scratch recently upgraded their entire infrastructure to handle 4K/UHD media.

Collaboration is an important part of the team’s workflow. At any given time, three or four editors will need simultaneous access to shared storage using Scratch Media's five edit bays. For urgent projects, it’s not unusual to use all five bays. “We’re in a shared environment and we want to be able to collaborate and be able to hand off projects seamlessly. Avid NEXIS | PRO is game-changing technology and it allows us to work safer and smarter… our clients demand high quality video content faster than ever before,” says Post Production Manager, Kigh Sturdevan.


By design, the speed and flexibility that Avid NEXIS | PRO offers not only makes this possible, but also simple to implement. “We’re charging hard for a deadline. I might be working on the same project as editors in other rooms,” says editor, Dave Schweitzer. “Everybody is able to work on a portion of a sequence to meet that deadline and make the client happy.”

With such tight deadlines, any time that can be saved is a bonus—for example by being able to work on media while it is being uploaded. “I don’t have to wait until that’s all done. I can start looking through selects… I can even start editing before all the media is in,” adds Alice Lemon, editor at Scratch Media.


Avid Elite Reseller Key Code Media helped Scratch Media to introduce Avid NEXIS into their editorial workflow. Several meetings, demonstrations and trials took place over several months to ensure that Avid NEXIS would provide the flexibility and performance needed.

In this video, Scratch Media explain why Avid NEXIS | PRO gives them ‘a competitive advantage’.

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