DECEMBER 9, 2010

Avid Makes the Grade at Webster University


Established in 1915 with only five students, Webster University now has over 20,000 students and more than 101,000 alumni. The internationally recognized private liberal arts school covers 100 campus locations throughout the United States and around the world. In order to provide students with the skills and training they need to succeed in today’s competitive audio industry, Webster University selected an Avid S5 Fusion for its Audio Engineering and Communications program. The 16-fader S5 Fusion allows Webster students to learn and operate various software applications in a real studio setting for music and audio post production.

The centerpiece of the studio

When the school began considering all of the options to upgrade the digital console, Lee Buckalew, Adjunct Professor at Webster, says the S5 Fusion was the obvious choice.

“We laid out all the options to university officials, and without hesitation they picked the S5 Fusion,” says Buckalew. “Its tight digital integration and future expandability made the console the ideal choice.”

The high-quality audio and the versatility of the Fusion combine to make it the ideal centerpiece to our renovated studio.


In the studio, students learn everything from basic sound engineering to advanced mastering, so it was important for the console to be extremely versatile. “The high-quality audio and the versatility of the Fusion combine to make it the ideal centerpiece to our renovated studio,” explains Gary Gottlieb, Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Audio Production at Webster University. “I love the flexibility within the console, offering every option we need, as well as the flexibility in the way it integrates all our existing software and hardware.”

The S5 Fusion was only way to go… it’s able to run any of our software applications.


Fun to teach and learn

“The S5 Fusion was only way to go. It’s everything we wanted. It sounds phenomenal, and it’s able to run any of our software applications,” explains Paul Hennerich, adjunct professor at Webster University. “The main goal of our audio production program is to prepare students for any audio situation they may come across, that’s why here at Webster we train students on Pro Tools, Nuendo, and Final Cut, and the S5 Fusion can seamlessly switch between them all—making it fun both fun to teach and learn.”

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