Avid Interplay APIs

Avid Interplay APIs

Avid Interplay is an open platform that supports virtually any non-Avid application used in content creation, distribution, and management. Interplay supersedes Avid Unity Productivity Tools but uses the same suite of APIs to carry forward existing integrations, while encouraging new media, metadata, and command exchanges. The following APIs are currently available:

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Avid Web Services Program

In order to enable solutions partners to integrate their solutions with Avid Interplay, a web services interface is available. By exposing many of the functions that were previously only accessible through the Interplay Access application, solutions partners can now integrate Interplay seamlessly into customized automated workflow.

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TransferManager Ingest/Playback Data Handling Module (TM-DHM)

This toolkit enables vendors to create a plugin that works with Interplay Transfer and TransferManager to perform playback and ingest transfers. Playback and ingest transfers are distinct from standard file transfers in that they first convert a sequence to or from a stream of video frames and audio samples that are then transferred over an IP network. For example, during an ingest session the Transfer application accepts a multiplexed stream of video and audio frames and converts the audio and video stream into an Avid-compatible clip by wrapping them in MXF or OMF format and checking the associated metadata into the Interplay Engine or MediaManager system.

TransferManager Dynamically Extensible Transfer (TM-DET)

TM-DET transfers OMF-wrapped media files (JFIF, DV, I-frame MPEG) to third-party destinations such as a central archive. DET also enables a vendor to restore previously transferred media files back into Avid Unity (“DET Pull”) with Interplay Transfer or TransferManager performing an Interplay Engine or MediaManager check-in (logging media metadata into the centralized database). DET is the appropriate API to use when the target file is already an Avid media file wrapped with MXF or OMF metadata. In order to allow native editing, the media files must be wrapped in MXF or OMF by an Avid editor, ingest device, or TransferManager.

TransferManager Automation (TM-AUTO)

This SDK can be used to automate or control Interplay Transfer or TransferManager functionality via a third-party user interface. Using this interface, third-party products can invoke ingest, TM-DET, playback and workgroup-to-workgroup transfers, as well as monitor status, pause, cancel, resume, and retry transfers.

AirSpeed 5000 and AirSpeed | 5500 ASMS API

The ASMS API is an application programmer interface that that enables integrators to control AirSpeed servers for play and record operations and obtain details of the inventory and configuration.   The ASMS API supports three basic categories of interfacing:  configuration, database, and transport control. The API is made available pursuant to a Software Development Kit License Agreement from Avid and will typically include the relevant code, documentation, and a sample implementation. Licensing of the API is subject to Avid approval and discretion.

Avid Workgroups and Interplay Application Programming Interface (API) Program
Avid offers or reference sells solutions that rely on direct interfaces or Workgroups API implementations from Technology Partners.

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