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Q: I need help with my Avid product/services/support. Can the ACA assist with these requests?

A: For help with your Avid product, including activation, registration, downloads, and more, please reach out to Avid directly by visiting the Avid Customer Care Center. All Avid customers in need of support or web store assistance should utilize the Avid support portal first if they have an active entitlement contract. If you need assistance with your Avid product or need Webstore assistance - please contact Avid Customer Care via the MyAvid support portal at Simply login to your MyAvid Master account and access the support portal under My Support Center as this is always the fastest way to reach Avid support. As a last resort, customers can call in with an Avid Service Code or their support/upgrade plan contract entitlement (System ID required) for assistance.

Q: How can I register for the next Connect event?

A: For the time being ACA related events will be taking place online only until it is safe to meet in person. We will share relevant details on our website and Avid Link.

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