IC202 Administering MediaCentral | Capture

Instructor-Led (Private OnSite*): 8 hours
  • One 8-hour day of live classroom training


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Administering MediaCentral | Capture is for DNG/ENG receive operators, news producers, and administrators who use MediaCentral | Capture in the newsroom. DNG/ENG receive operators will learn recording procedures in MediaCentral | Capture, such as creating and maintaining scheduled feeds, ingesting from satellites and live feeds, managing a schedule database, as well as working in a shared storage environment.

DNG/ENG receive operators and administrators will learn how to configure and administer the MediaCentral | Capture system and Avid Router Control, monitor system health, and perform basic troubleshooting.


This course is designed to serve three audiences:

  • Modules 1-3 cover the steps for DNG/ENG receive operators who need to record with MediaCentral | Capture. (This part of the course can be repeated twice a day to accommodate more students)
  • The next 3 modules cover operational procedures suitable for DNG/ENG receive operators and news producers who need to schedule or monitor feeds recorded with MediaCentral | Capture
  • The full course is appropriate for maintenance engineers and administrative personnel who must configure, maintain, and troubleshoot MediaCentral | Capture


This course requires a basic understanding of the news production processes.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand MediaCentral | Capture in the Broadcast Workflow
  • Understand MediaCentral | Capture Architecture and Interface
  • Customize the Capture Application
  • Understand the Recording Workflow
  • Record with MediaCentral | Capture
  • Work with Recorded Clips
  • Adjust System Settings
  • Administer with the Avid Services Framework
  • Monitor Router Control
  • Troubleshoot MediaCentral | Capture

*The course hours for the private onsite classes are shown as a suggested recommendation. Avid will work with you directly to customize courses to meet your specific needs and Avid workflows.

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