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MediaCentral | Newsroom Management System Administration is designed to introduce you to the iNEWS Client application and MediaCentral | Newsroom Management database features, including user management and read and write permissions. The course also covers backing up the database and regular database maintenance procedures.

The course continues with additional lessons on working with the Linux servers, adding new devices, and configuring MediaCentral | Newsroom Management integration with AVID Command and third party MOS integration. Optional advanced subject matter includes server recovery, editing configuration files, and configuring MediaCentral | Newsroom Community features.

This course prepares candidates for the Avid Certified System Administrator: MediaCentral Newsroom Management certification exam.


This course is designed for anyone that is responsible for managing, administrating and providing first line support for the MediaCentral | Newsroom Management system.


  • An understanding of newsroom operations and requirements
  • PC/IT skills consistent with a system support role
  • Experience and understanding Linux OS preferred
  • Experience operating the iNEWS Client is preferred

Note that iNEWS Client operational content is included with the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how MediaCentral | Newsroom Management fits in the Avid newsroom solution
  • Use the iNEWS Client
  • Perform User Account Management
  • Create the database structure and directory traits
  • Set up print forms
  • Use Putty
  • Start and stop the system
  • Troubleshoot device and database errors
  • Perform database maintenance
  • Perform database backups
  • Be ready to sit the associated certification exam

Optional or extended course topics:

  • Add new devices, Avid Command and MOS Gateway
  • Configure rundowns to connect to broadcast control systems 
  • Install and configure wire services 
  • Configure Fast Text Searches 
  • Recover from a server failure or disconnect
  • Recover from a lack of server space
  • Understand and edit system files to modify system configuration
  • Be ready to sit the associated certification exam
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