MD204 Using and Administering Avid Media | Director


Suggested length: 8 hours


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The Using and Administering Avid Media | Director (MD204) course is designed for engineers who maintain an Avid Interplay | Production environment and media managers tasked with ingest and deletion workflows. Students will get an overview of Media | Director, its basic components, and how it fits into the Interplay | Production workflow. Additional topics include how to use the Media | Director Drop Utility, how to create clip names and check‐in paths to Interplay | Production using the Job Builder pane, and basic Media | Director maintenance and troubleshooting.


This course is designed for Media managers and System engineers.


Administrative students should be familiar with Avid Interplay environments and have the skills and competancies covered in the WG213 Interplay System Administration. End users of the Drop Utility should be familiar with Interplay from an operational standpoint as covered in both the MCU100 MediaCentral | UX for Users and WG201 Interplay for Editors courses.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Media | Director terms and concepts
  • Creating different profiles for ingesting camera media
  • Installing and navigating the Media | Director Drop Utility
  • Understanding various configurations and performing basic maintenance and troubleshooting
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