Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos Production I + II course

Instructor-Led (Virtual): 38 hours
  • 20 hours of self-paced pre-learning
  • Three 6-hour days of live online training
Instructor-Led (Public In-Person*): 44 hours
  • 20 hours of self-paced pre-learning
  • Three 8-hour days of live classroom training
Instructor-Led (Private OnSite*): 24 hours
  • Three 8-hour days of live classroom training


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Developed in partnership with Dolby, the Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos Production I + II course is designed for professionals who are transitioning from traditional surround formats to Dolby Atmos mixing, as well as experienced Dolby mixers who are interested in deepening their skills and learning best practices. This course thoroughly covers essential tools as well as comprehensive professional workflows.

Completing both the PT205D and PT210D courses prepares candidates for the Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos Professional Certification exam. Once passed, the candidate will earn the Avid Certified Professional: Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos certification credential.


This course is suited for audio engineers that are looking for the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to configure and prepare for a Dolby Atmos mix in Pro Tools, including:
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Audio Studio Technicians
  • Audio Professionals
  • Facility Owners
  • Game Audio Designers


The PT205D and PT210D courses are offered to experienced professionals through Avid and professional Avid Learning Partners (Professional ALPs), and to students through academic Avid Learning Partners (Academic ALPs). The two deliveries carry with them two sets of pre-requisites.

For professionals attending a course through Avid or a Professional ALP, the following is recommended:

  • Experience using Pro Tools | Ultimate or Pro Tools Studio software
  • Pro Tools system configuration, including:
    • I/O Setup dialog box
    • Playback Engine dialog box
    • Session Setup dialog box
    • Peripherals dialog box
  • Understanding of traditional post-production workflows
    • Session and media management
    • Mix signal flow
    • Post-Production mix techniques
    • Speaker calibration and loudness targets

For students attending an Academic ALP, the following is required:

Recommended completion of PT210P Pro Tools Production II (Post Production)


At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Recognize the components of a Dolby Atmos content creation studio
  • Outline the Dolby Atmos content creation signal flow
  • Understand various Renderer configurations and associated workflows
  • Configure Pro Tools for use in Dolby Atmos production
  • Use Pro Tools techniques for working with Dolby Atmos beds and objects
  • Import and export ADM BWF Dolby Atmos content

* Public In-Person courses are offered only at Avid Learning Partners.
* The course hours for the private onsite classes are shown as a suggested recommendation. Avid will work with you directly to customize courses to meet your specific needs and Avid workflows.

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