ilok usb type a and c

iLok3 USB-A

Smaller. Faster. Better.

Authorize your software* with the mightiest and smallest device yet. The all-new iLok (third generation) holds up to 1,500 authorizations—3x more than before—and delivers twice the transfer speed of the iLok 2. Plus, it’s sleeker, smaller, and more secure, with a full metal jacket (made from durable aluminum) that won’t split or crack from normal use. Whether you’re purchasing your first or want to consolidate licenses from older keys, iLok makes it easy to take all of your software authorizations with you, wherever you go.

Please note: This iLok does not come with any pre-authorized licenses, software, or plugins. If you have products that use the old-style PACE license cards, you will need to use the original iLok USB Key.

* An iLok is not required to use with Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, Pro Tools Ultimate, Avid VENUE, and all “retail” Avid and third-party audio plugins. iLoks are needed to authorize these versions of Pro Tools software without an internet connection.

  • System Requirements
    • Computer running Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, or Windows 7 or higher, to use iLok License Manager
    • Available USB-A or USB-C port
    • iLok account (create a free account)
    • License(s) for the iLok-protected software you want to use
    • Software that is iLok-protected
    • iLok (third generation) - choose the USB-A or USB-C version depending on your computer


  • Store up to 1,500 software and plugin authorizations on a single iLok
  • Get better security with the robust aluminum casing and ultra-strong security loop
  • Save space with the smaller, slimmer design—now just 1.5 x .5 inches (3.8 x 1.3 cm)
  • Add and transfer licenses with a simple drag and drop using iLok License Manager
  • Easily move software authorizations from one computer to another
  • Verify that your iLok is connected through the glowing blue indicator light
  • Never have to reauthorize software due to hardware or software upgrades or crashes
  • Get backward compatibility with all iLok 2-compatible software

Service Transfer/Replacement Fee

Avid is not responsible for incorrect entries and is charging a fee to amend User ID errors

This fee is required in order to amend the usage of an incorrect iLok user ID during the Avid software activation process. Once purchased, you will need to contact Avid Customer Support to complete your license transaction. Please purchase this fee only at the advisement of Avid Customer Support. This transaction is non-refundable.

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