SigMod: Custom signal architecture made easy

Explore new creative possibilities and quickly add missing features. Each module can easily be inserted, swapped and moved around making new options to correct, convert or tweak your audio.

Combine these single-process modules in any order to design the precise routing you require. Auto-resizing always keeps the signal flow and functionality clear. Following are the modules included:

  • Mid/side: Convert any third-party stereo plugin to mid/side mode
  • Protect: Protection 'circuit' to protect digital equipment
  • Mono: Switch function to mono the signal
  • Switch: Switch left and right (or mid/side)
  • Delay: Delay signal path (ms or samples)
  • Phase: Phase invert either side
  • Trim: Apply dB offset
  • DC offset: Detect and offset
  • Tap: for flexible parallel processing
  • Crossover: Split frequency bands, send to different signal chains
  • Mute/Solo: Channel mute/solo
  • Insert: Host any third party VST2, VST3 or AU plugin within your signal chain



  • Master & channel strip features
  • Signal monitoring & routing options
  • Mid/side conversation
  • Output level protection
  • Frequency banded splits

System Requirements

Pro Tools
Windows, Mac OS


 Audio Plug-In

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