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TL Aggro - Perpetual License

Vintage analog fet compressor

Brings the personality of vintage analog FET compression to the Pro Tools environment. At moderate settings, TL Aggro delivers smooth and transparent dynamics processing, perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments. When it’s cranked, TL Aggro takes on aggressive sound, instantly adding character and intensity to guitars and drum tracks.

TL Aggro uses advanced DSP algorithms to produce its analog sound. A unique feedback topology offers a program-dependent release time for more natural compression characteristics.

System Requirement
Avid-qualified Windows-based computer
Avid-qualified Mac-based computer
Pro Tools
Pro Tools Ultimate required for TDM/RTAS/AudioSuite plugins; Pro Tools, Pro Tools LE, or Pro Tools MP required for RTAS/AudioSuite plugins
Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter
Media Composer 5.5, Symphony 5.5, or NewsCutter 9.5 or higher software —supports RTAS/AudioSuite plugins only
Avid VENUE live sound system running VENUE software—supports TDM VENUE plugins only
Copy Protection
Pro Tools and VENUE software:Requires iLok USB Smart Key—sold separately Media Composer software: Requires iLok USB Smart Key—sold separately, internet access, and free account
Max Sample Rate
192 kHz
Threshold: 0 to 80 dB
Ratio: 1 to 10
Attack: 1 to 10
Release: 1 to 10
Post Gain: 0 to 36 dB
Bass Compensation: On/Off; Cutoff Frequency: 60 to 800 Hz
Tube Drive: On/Off
Input/output LED Meters
Needle Meter: In, GR (Gain Reduction), Out


  • Analog modeled FET compressor

    Feedback topology with program-dependent release

  • Bass compensation

    Add that bass warmth back in for full mixes

  • Tube drive module

    Add tube-style distortion for the right amount of analog fuzz

  • Support for Pro Tools sessions up to 192 kHz

    Analog-style compression for even the most pristine projects

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