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Weaponiser Fully Loaded-Full License

Design any sound effect with 9746 Factory Assets

Weaponiser Fully Loaded comes with a variety of six Krotos sound libraries included at a fantastic value. Choose from a diverse range of library categories, easily accessible through the tag-driven browser via simple drag-and-drop. Import these into Weaponiser’s customised engines to design your components and layers with ease – Onset, Body, Thump and Tail.

Weaponiser also includes a huge range of designed presets, straight out of the box to get you started immediately. Navigate a comprehensive range of built-in factory assets to layer, sequence and design unique sounds with ease. Customise and create endless variations to your sound effects instantly, and use MIDI and automation to programme or perform your variations with speed and precision.

Weaponiser gives you the power to experiment while keeping your project in sync. Effortlessly adjust presets and save hours of editing time for a smooth and creative process every step of the way.

Quickly import your own sounds, and layer up to 80 audio files using 4 powerful engines and 3 built in synthesisers to create a huge range of sound effects. Synthesiser section with FM and AM Synthesis is perfect for creating SciFi effects or enhancing real world sounds. Sequence or offset your sounds to a built-in timeline, allowing for more precise micro-timings between engines.


System Requirement
Windows 7 and later
Mac OS 10.8.x and later
Pro Tools
Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 10.x and later
Max Sample Rate
192 k
Copy Protection
Sound Effects Library
AAX Native


  • Vast collection of professionally recorded weapons
  • 80 different assets can be chosen on every trigger
  • 6287 Weapon samples
  • 574 “Whooshes”
  • 476 Magic Samples
  • Sync to Picture with MIDI triggering
  • Sound effects and Foley recordings
  • 1885 Footsteps samples
  • 178 Trailers Samples
  • 346 User Interface Samples
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