Avid Pro Tools | S6 Enables Sony Pictures Post Production Services to Boost Creativity and Collaboration

Burlington, MA, 30.06.2016

Avid marks the sale of its 1,000th Pro Tools | S6 control surface as demand continues to grow

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today announced that it has sold its 1,000th Avid Pro Tools® | S6 control surface to Sony Pictures Post Production Services, highlighting strong momentum for the modular control surface across leading film production, music and post-production facilities. Continuing demand for Pro Tools | S6 places the audio control surface at the center of creative workflows, enabling mixers to work more efficiently and fluidly.

Since Sony Pictures installed its first Pro Tools | S6 control surface in its 158-seat Anthony Quinn Theatre in September 2015, it has been used on numerous films, including Open Season 4: Scared Silly, When the Bough Breaks and season two of Netflix original thriller/drama Bloodline. Due to its success, the full-service post-production facility in Culver City, Calif. has purchased another console for the 367-seat Cary Grant Theatre, the largest of its 10 rerecording stages.

“Pro Tools | S6 makes switching between editorial and mixing seamless,” said veteran sound supervisor, rerecording mixer and sound designer Steve Ticknor. “Instead of having a great divide between editorial and mixing, Avid has created a hybrid that takes the best of both worlds and creates a new way of working. It allows you to be more efficient with your time in the theater so that you get more bang for your buck and can be as creative as you need to be.”

By embracing Avid Everywhere™ and adopting the MediaCentral™ Platform across its film editing and sound departments, Sony Pictures has been able to operate more cost effectively while enhancing the creative process.

“By providing one platform for picture editorial, sound editorial and mixing, Avid has facilitated a seamless and collaborative process that has led to more creative thinking and new opportunities for experimenting with sound,” said Tom McCarthy, Executive Vice President, Sony Pictures Post Production Services. “The ability to share files and integrate different aspects of the post process not only benefits the production budget, it takes the creative process to new levels. Having a single, shared platform allows our mixers and sound editorial teams to integrate further with other aspects of the post-production process and share their creativity from the earliest stage through the final mix.”

Other facilities that have recently adopted Pro Tools | S6 include CalArts, Deluxe, Eleven Sound, The Village, Smart Post Sound, Source Sound and many more.

“We’re excited that Pro Tools | S6 has gained such strong momentum as the most trusted modular control surface for sound and music editing and mixing,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Avid. “With high demand for the S6 worldwide, Avid is poised to help audio and music professionals to work more efficiently, maximize their creativity and take on the most complex projects.”

The Pro Tools | S6 modular control surface leverages the best of the industry-leading ICON and System 5 product families, providing superior ergonomics and intelligent studio control. The S6 is built on proven technology enabling top audio professionals to complete and deliver the best sounding mixes possible—faster.

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