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Empower your team with a cloud-based editing post-production solution that can be deployed and scaled on demand. Avid | Edit On Demand provides a full, SaaS-based, virtual post-production environment in the cloud—complete with cloud-optimized Media Composer software and Avid NEXIS storage.

Now, with the new Works with Avid On Demand program, take on more jobs and expand workflow capabilities by adding your favorite industry standard third-party tools directly into your Avid | Edit On Demand environment in the cloud. With this open SaaS offering, users can easily design workflows while enabling remote access to the critical tools required to manage and deliver more, all from the familiar Avid | Edit On Demand environment.

Qualified Works With Avid On Demand

Company Supported Workflows
Adobe Edit with Adobe Premiere Pro, add effects using Adobe After Effects, and use Adobe Photoshop in an Avid production environment in the cloud. Avid | Edit on Demand supports mixed and dedicated environments. Avid | Edit On Demand auto-provisions your VMs and proven Avid NEXIS file system and Adobe can run on the same VMs, leveraging an organization's existing license, for enhanced collaboration from anywhere regardless of your NLE preference.
Boris BorisFX are a standard when it comes to 3rd party tools that are relied upon by editors across the landscape and therefore it is no surprise that BorisFX have been tested to run in Avid | Edit On Demand so anyone using Media Composer has access to the same BorisFX plugins they know and love from Avid | Edit On Demand.
EVS EVS, a leader in live video production solutions, can now deliver media files with metadata to Avid | Edit On Demand, enabling a seamless workflow for live sports, news, and live entertainment to deliver growing files for edit while capture workflows in the cloud. 
FirstMile With First Mile Technologies, sending file based and streamed media into Avid | Edit On Demand with all the camera metadata is now possible. 
File Catalyst File Catalyst is auto-provisioned with Avid | Edit On Demand and enables file-based transfer of proxy and high-resolution media into Avid | Edit On Demand with metadata. An open solution with existing APIs that enable automated workflows like syncing multiple Avid NEXIS systems using StorageDNA Fabric which use File Catalyst to move and sync media.
Haivision Haivision is a key Avid partner and Avid has embraced SRT, Haivision’s open-sourced protocol to enable IP contribution workflows into Avid | Edit On Demand from any SRT enabled encoder, camera, or app/mobile device. Avid has also built SRT into Avid Media Composer enabling over the shoulder review delivering whatever is in the Media Composer timeline to any SRT enabled decoder, app, media player, game console, or set top box. Add Haivision Hub or Stream Hub and deliver to multiple devices at one time. Avid is also working with First Mile Technologies to enable the delivery of camera metadata along with file and streamed media coming into Avid | Edit On Demand to automate workflows like relinking, conform, and more. 
HP-Anyware Avid and HP continue to strengthen their partnership as Avid | Edit On Demand auto-provisions HP Anyware (formerly Teradici) as part of the Avid | Edit On Demand SaaS offering. HP Anyware’s proven solution continues to excel at delivering sub millisecond response editing demands from the cloud by streaming the Media Composer desktop. Users access Media Composer in Avid | Edit On Demand from any thin client using HP Anyware for an editing experience that feels as though you are editing in a traditional on premises Avid environment.
Marquis Avid has partnered with Marquis and Sony to enable a lens to first edit solution that allows Sony camera users to transfer proxy media with camera metadata into an Avid | Edit On Demand environment quickly for fast turnaround workflows. Avid Edit On Demand users can then quickly start editing within minutes of the media arriving in the Sony C3 portal. Once the sequence is completed, users can then request a partial file transfer of the original camera media that is now available in the Sony C3 cloud using Marquis Medway software. This transfers only the high resolution media into Avid | Edit On Demand- saving time, storage space in the cloud, and drives higher efficiency.
Microsoft Avid and Microsoft have been strong partners for over 5 years helping lead the media industry into the cloud. Avid has been deploying Avid | Edit On Demand, Avid’s first SaaS offering on Azure since its inception, auto provisioning the resources needed for a full editorial solution in the cloud. No cloud expertise required, Edit On Demand does it for you, and enables media companies to take full advantage of the elasticity and accessibility of the cloud for added business opportunities and greater operational flexibility and capacity - all on demand.
Nablet Nablet has been delivering plugins for Avid Media Composer for years, gaining a reputation for reliability and consistency. Nablet’s free Sony plug-ins enable easy compatibility with Sony media with Media Composer and are available for use with Avid | Edit On Demand allowing users to enable the same workflows they currently employ in an on-premises environment in the cloud.
Signiant Signiant provides users with the ability to not only accelerate transfers of proxy and high-resolution media into Avid | Edit On Demand with metadata, but Signiant can also be used to replicate media on NEXIS systems supporting multi-zone, multi-cloud, and hybrid workflows of Avid NEXIS systems. Users can now take advantage of all that Signiant offers in Avid | Edit On Demand.
StorageDNA Storage DNA’s DNAFabric allows the sync of Avid NEXIS systems located in the cloud or on premises. Using the existing File Catalyst infrastructure, DNAFabric can sync media between on premises and cloud deployed NEXIS systems across time zones, across cloud platforms, and supports hybrid or all cloud deployed workflows. Users can now use StorageDNA’s Fabric software in Avid | Edit On Demand to sync NEXIS and quickly see the available media regardless of where it is stored.

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