DNT-192 Dante Option Card

Avid Dante Interface DNT-192 Option Card

DNT-192 Dante Option Card

Bring high-speed, high-quality Dante connectivity and communication to VENUE | S6L with this easy-to-integrate 16-channel audio interface card. Based on the Dante Brooklyn II module, the DNT-192 Dante Option Card enables you to integrate your S6L system with a network of Gigabit Dante-enabled devices, including external audio mixers, amps, preamps, DSP, wireless mics, and more. Install up to six Dante cards in a single Stage 64 for a maximum total of 64 inputs and 32 outputs per rack.
  • System Requirements
    VENUE | S6L system running VENUE 5.2 and higher software
  • Specifications
    Input and output (48 kHz) 16x0—slots A–H
    8x8—slots H and J only
    0x16—slots J–M
    Input and output (96 kHz) 16x0—slots A–H
    8x8—slots H and J only
    0x16—slots J–M
    Input and output (192 kHz) 8x0—slots A–H
    4x4—slots H and J only
    0x8—slots J–M
    Connections Three Gigabit Ethernet ports—one Control, one Primary, and one Secondary
    Mute options Auto-Mute on power up and power down; outputs can also be manually muted using VENUE software
    Sample Rate Conversion Supported across all Dante sample rates, including pull up and pull down; can be enabled and disabled
    Transmission Supports multicast and unicast operation
    Status indicators Multicolor LEDs for System, Sync, Error, Control Port, Primary Dante Port, Secondary Dante Port, Redundant, and Daisy Chain
    Card size Occupies two slots in Stage 64
    Software Dante Controller; free OS X and Windows downloads available from Audinate


    • Get pristine-quality sound

      Avoid the pitfalls and challenges of analog connections, including signal degradation, crosstalk, and electrical interference. With Dante’s full digital audio transmission, you can preserve the full quality and integrity of your original sound sources to achieve the highest quality mixes.

    • Eliminate bulky and expensive cabling

      Long cable runs can be a heavy and publicly hazardous challenge. With the Dante card, all you need is a single low-cost, readily available CAT5e, CAT6, or fiber optic Ethernet cable to connect everything easily and reliably.

    • Take command of your network

      With the free Dante Controller software, you can quickly configure your cards and devices, monitor signal health and status, and route audio throughout your entire Dante network. Plus set-up couldn’t be easier, thanks to automatic device discovery, one-click signal routing, and user-editable device and channel labels.

    DNT-192 Dante Option Card user guide (PDF)

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