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Access MediaCentral everywhere 

Create and deliver higher quality content faster—with anyone, anywhere. MediaCentral | Cloud UX gives you easy access to your projects, tasks, media, and more across MediaCentral through a simple user-friendly graphical interface, available as a web client and as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Best of all, its unified experience simplifies even the most complex media production workflows, enabling you and your team to complete projects with ease.


  • Gain full access to MediaCentral
    Whether you’re at the home facility, out in the field, or traveling, MediaCentral | Cloud UX gives you access to all of your workspaces and workgroups. Search, browse, access, edit, collaborate, and publish content everywhere, from any device, to any device, anywhere you go.
  • Accelerate production
    As the front-end to your entire MediaCentral ecosystem, you have access to every module, app, service, and connector available to you all within one interface, streamlining your workflow. From global search capabilities, drag-and-drop content creation, and tracking social media trends, to ingesting, transcoding, managing, editing, reviewing, publishing, and delivering content, professional media production has never been so collaborative or easy.
  • Get to know your assets
    View detailed information about any video, audio, graphics, or document file, including the size, format, resolution, and its metadata with the built-in Asset Inspector.
  • Get right to work
    If you can navigate a webpage or smartphone, you can master MediaCentral | Cloud UX. The simple task-oriented graphical user interface is designed to help you jump right in and start working immediately—without a learning curve. Even as new modules, apps, and services are added to your MediaCentral solution, every new tool will feel familiar, keeping you productive.
  • Interact the way you want
    MediaCentral | Cloud UX gives you the freedom to access and use MediaCentral the way you want. With the web client, you can use a web browser on practically any computer or mobile device. With MediaCentral | Cloud UX for iOS, you can access MediaCentral directly from an iPhone or iPad. Or get MediaCentral | Cloud UX for Android to connect through your Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Google, Motorola, or other Android-based device.
  • Get the tools you need
    MediaCentral | Cloud UX is available in a choice of three client licenses—View, Browse, and Edit—enabling you to easily access the ideal set of tools for your workflow. Each license type includes a bundle of apps, enabling your organization to give team members access to the tools they need to be productive, based on their role.


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